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Food Storage

  • Food storage solutions for dry goods, leftovers and lunches are available in a variety of materials, styles and sizes. Many food storage options have air-tight seals for keeping foods fresh and preventing leaks. Air-tight containers can double the shelf life of many perishables. Air-tight seals also prevent pests from infesting your pantry. More
  • Consider your space when considering which food storage options will function and fit best for you. Square options work nicely for small spaces, maximizing fit. Clear storage allows you to quickly see what you have and how much is left. The size is also a big factor when choosing food storage containers. Ensure the container size is slightly larger than the food’s original packaging. For example, a flour container should hold a full new bag of flour, plus the little bit extra for the flour that was previously in the container. If you have to store a small bit in a bag somewhere else, then the storage container is too small. Back
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