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Large Vacuum Bags - Set of 3

Item #31132

Large Vacuum Bags - Set of 3

$ 9. 99


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Product Description:
Our vacuum bags are the perfect space-saving solution for off-season sweaters, blankets, and more. The bags shrink down flat, so they're the most space-economical option. Use your vacuum's hose attachment to suck excess air out of the bag, then store it away. Our vacuum bags are air- and watertight, so your clothes will be safe and sound all season.

Product Features:
  • Three large clear vacuum storage bags
  • Simply fill bag and zip then use vacuum to remove air and compress contents
  • Features durable multi-layer construction with airtight and watertight double seal zipper
  • Each bag measures 21.75" x 35.5"
  • Fits 10-12 sweaters
Set of 3
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