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Decorative Storage

  • Add function and style to any closet or space with our large assortment of storage bins and baskets. This collection of materials and sizes has been chosen to specifically complement and finish our custom closets, with decorative storage bins and baskets to add storage and flair to any closet space. More
  • To finish off your custom closet, storage bins work well to hold workout clothes, active wear, undergarments, bags, purses, ball caps, knit scarves and hats. The decorative storage also works well in bookcases and cubbies to collect, but hide, gaming controls, toys and hobby supplies. Back
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Small Cascade Khaki 11" x 13.75" Rectangular Crate
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Large Cascade Khaki 19" x 14" Box
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Small Cascade Brown 11" x 13.75" Rectangular Crate
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Small Cascade Brown 10.5" x 13" Cabinet Bin
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