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Inspired organization

About Us

Storables is a NW owned organization store that helps you find your inspiration to get organized in every room of your home or office, so that you can make room for living! From a wide variety of shelving ideas, to wire baskets, eco-friendly bamboo bookshelves, basic plastic bins, and unique storage baskets for shelves, we are much more than a storage store! Our organizing experts thrive on helping you find the storage solution that is just right for your space, budget, and organizing challenge.

Storables owner and founder, Dodd Fischer, became interested in the Housewares / Lifestyle store concept over 30 years ago. He was drawn by his interest in contemporary Italian design and seeing customer demand for ready-to-assemble furniture. Plastic storage containers and organizers began appearing in department stores and the storage goods business was an emerging niche in housewares. Dodd looked for functional, utilitarian design and clever novelties such as wind-up toys for the holiday season.

The first Storables opened at Beaverton Town Square, near Portland, Oregon, in 1981. By 1985, five Storables stores had opened in Oregon, California and Washington. The stores were small in size but packed with clever and stylish storage pieces.

In 1992, Dodd and his management team decided to transform Storables into a larger store format. This larger format allowed Storables to provide its loyal customers with an expanded selection of goods, featuring additional options, materials and colors, while still focusing on one-on-one customer service and intelligent merchandising.

Today, Storables operates four stores in Oregon and Washington, and a website that ships across the US. We are committed to stocking a wide selection of quality products and exclusive designs. We are passionate about organizing spaces. Function and style now play a key role in organizing both homes and businesses. This excites us! We are finding and developing products that not only look great, but create needed storage and organization.


M–F 8:00AM–5:00PM PST

3250 NW Yeon Ave Ste W12

Portland, OR 97210