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Laundry Organization

  • Don’t let the laundry piles take over your space and time! There are several organizational strategies and solutions to help you win the laundry room battle. We have laundry storage solutions in a large variety of sizes and styles to fit in your space and with your custom look including eco-friendly bamboo, linen and collapsible cotton canvas options. More
  • Sort your laundry, as it comes off, into laundry hampers. Each closet or room where clothes are being changed should have one laundry hamper for lights and one for darks; or organized into how you sort. You will never again find yourself with sorted laundry piles on the floor and unexpected guests knocking on the door. If you have space, then consider another set of laundry hampers in the laundry room. You might also need a separate laundry bag or hamper for items that will be hung up to dry. Small wash bags also work well to sort out the non-dryer clothing items. We have laundry baskets, laundry sorters, ironing organizers and drying racks to assist with your laundry program. Turn your laundry regimen and routine into a well-oiled, clean machine. Back

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  • Over Door Ironing Board
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    Over Door Ironing Board

    Item# 30362
      • Includes space to store iron
      • Strong 14" x 42" steel mesh ironing surface
      • 7mm foam pad included
      • Stores flush against door
      • Powder coated steel frame
      • 100% natural cotton cover with fiber pad
    17" x 2" x 50"H

    Availability: Available in Store Only

    $ 29. 95
  • Over the Door Ironing Board Holder
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    Over the Door Ironing Board Holder

    Item# 4087
      • Steel construction
      • Takes advantage of unused storage space
      • Tailored for a snug fit
    9.75" x 3" x 9"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 6. 95
  • White Iron/Ironing Board Holder
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    White Iron/Ironing Board Holder

    Item# 22695
      • Hangs over door
      • Metal construction
    9.5" x 3" x 17"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 9. 95
  • Tabletop Ironing Board
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    Tabletop Ironing Board

    Item# 24617
      • Folds flat for easy storage
      • 100% cotton cover with foam pad
      • Retractable iron rest
    33" x 12" x 2"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 14. 95
  • StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Light Kit #180
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    StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Light Kit

    Item# 33600
      • For use with StowAway In-Wall Ironing Boards only
      • Adjustable arm directs light where you need
      • Safety timer automatically shuts off power to the light and iron in 15-30 minutes
      • Must be installed by a certified electrician
      • Halogen bulb included
    6" x 4.5" x 4"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 49. 95

5 Item(s)

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Large Assorted Laundry Baskets
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Lingerie Washing Bag
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Lingerie Washing Bag

$1.95 Item# 26088
Medium White Laundry Basket
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Clear Laundry Basket
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Clear Laundry Basket

$13.95 Item# 11700