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We have a huge selection of kitchen storage products to help your organize your space as efficiently as possible. Browse our pantry and cabinet organizers to store your food easily and in a logical manner. Specialized spice racks can help you find the perfect ingredients without needing to shuffle through your whole pantry. We also carry drawer organizers that will help you keep your cutlery and cooking utensils organized neatly. Boxes and racks can help improve the space in your refrigerator or freezer and ensure you can fit all of the essentials in without issue.

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  • 10 Gallon Rectangular Step Can

    Item# 29590
      • Lock back lid and non-skid base to prevent tipping
      • Brushed, fingerprint proof stainless steel
      • Uses size "J" surefit liners
    15.75" x 13.75" x 25.5"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 139. 95
    This item has an additional $10 handling
  • Stainless Steel Slim Touch-Bar Waste Can - 10.6 Gallon

    Item# 33011
      • Easy open touch bar
      • Stay open lid
      • Gentle slider discs under the can
    17" x 10.25" x 28"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 139. 00
    This item has an additional $10 handling
  • Stainless Steel Butterfly Recycling Can - 10.6 Gallon

    Item# 30340
      • Uses size D liners
      • Butterfly lid design allows for housing under low clearance countertops
      • Slim, space efficient design
    10.5" x 23.25" x 26"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 159. 95
    This item has an additional $10 handling
  • Modular Wine Rack - 40 Bottle Capacity

    Item# 15362
      • Solid unfinished hardwood
      • Add other kits to expand
      • Easy to assemble and configure
      • Each kit comes with extra joining pins to add additional racks
      • Made in USA
    Varies by configuration

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 109. 00

4 Item(s)

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