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Kitchen Storage

  • The kitchen is the busiest room in the house and often the hardest to keep clutter free. In large or small spaces, kitchen storage and pantry organizers will help you see and find everything with ease. Drawer organizers, cabinet shelves, under cabinet organizers and pantry storage will help simplify meal planning and prep for the whole family. More
  • We have storage solutions to help with upper cabinets, lower cabinets, kitchen drawers, countertops and pantry shelves. Maybe you are thinking of one space that just is not working or multiple spaces; we have organizing solutions that will help you stream-line and simplify. The first step to an organized space is to clean and purge. Then consider the space and how you might best divide and organize it. Try to make sure that everything can easily be seen and is quickly assessable. More | Back
  • Clean and Purge Kitchen 1. Empty out the large or small space and clean. 2. Purge! All food items have expiration dates, including spices. Purge! Cookware or bakeware that has any rust spots or scratched non-stick finish. 4. Donate multiples of items that are not used. How many cheese graters do you really need? What about the fancy baking pans that you have never actually used? Donate or purge incomplete or broken tools. Will you really use the food storage bowl without the lid? Donate or purge old, stained dish towels, placemats, pot holders, etc. They are at the bottom of the stack and not used anyways! 5. Sort like items. For example: spices, dry goods, seasoning packets, baking goods Back

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  • Lipper Bamboo 3-Tier Corner Shelf
    Quick View

    Bamboo 3-Tier Corner Shelf

    Item# 33101
      • Constructed of durable bamboo
      • Designed to fit into the corner of cabinets or counter-tops
      • Easy to assemble
      • Wash with mild soap
    10" x 10" x 9.5"H

    Availability: OUT OF STOCK

    $ 21. 95
  • Organize-It-All Chrome Can Rack
    Quick View

    Chrome Can Rack

    Item# 30311
      • Sturdy heavy gauge metal wire construction
      • Accommodates a variety different of cans
      • Fits nicely into any kitchen cabinet
      • Holds about 45 standard cans
    18" x 16" x 12.75"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 29. 95
  • 2-Tier Cabinet Basket
    Quick View

    2-Tier Cabinet Basket

    Item# 32847
      • Durable epoxy coated steel construction
      • Each drawer is four inches tall
      • Hardware included to securely mount in cabinet, or use non-slip feet when using free standing
    13.75" x 7.5" x 12.75"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 24. 95
  • White & Clear 2-Tier Pull-Out Cabinet Basket
    Quick View

    White & Clear 2-Tier Pull-Out Cabinet Basket

    Item# 34243
      • Two-tier pull-out organizer has two removable plastic bins that sit in a sturdy plastic and wire frame
      • Clear bins have built in handles and perforated sides
      • Hand wash to clean
    9" x 14.5" x 10.5" H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 24. 95
  • InterDesign 12 Linus Divided Turntable
    Quick View

    12" Linus Divided Turntable

    Item# 33868
      • Durable clear plastic design with stainless steel ball bearings
      • Contains five evenly divided sections
      • Ideal for keeping pantry, fridge or counter-tops organized
      • Rotates smoothly for easy access of all stored items
    11.5" Dia. x 4.5"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 24. 95
  • Clear 1/4 Lazy Susan Shelf new
    Quick View

    Clear 1/4 Lazy Susan Shelf

    Item# 35145
      • Lazy susan shelf keeps cabinets, pantries and closets organized and tidy
      • Great for in a corner cabinet or in any corner of the counter or cabinet
      • Durable plastic construction features two integrated handles
    17.75" x 8.75" x 8" H

    Availability: OUT OF STOCK

    $ 22. 95
  • 12 White Slide-Out Pantry Basket by Household Essentials
    Quick View

    12" White Slide-Out Pantry Basket

    Item# 26165
      • Comes with liner to use for storing smaller items
      • Glides smoothly on double steel ball-bearings
      • Extends fully without losing strength
      • Fits standard and non-standard pantry and cabinet shelves
      • Includes installation hardware for solid or wire shelves
      • No assembly required
    12"L x 16"W x 5"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 29. 95
  • Adjustable Under Sink Shelf Organizer by MadeSmart
    Quick View

    Adjustable Under Sink Shelf Organizer

    Item# 16532
      • Solid metal piping and plastic shelves are modular to accommodate pipes beneath your sink
      • Includes ten adjustable shelves
      • Easy to install and adjust
    18.25-32"L x 11"W x 17.25"H

    Availability: OUT OF STOCK

    $ 24. 95

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