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We have a huge selection of kitchen storage products to help your organize your space as efficiently as possible. Browse our pantry and cabinet organizers to store your food easily and in a logical manner. Specialized spice racks can help you find the perfect ingredients without needing to shuffle through your whole pantry. We also carry drawer organizers that will help you keep your cutlery and cooking utensils organized neatly. Boxes and racks can help improve the space in your refrigerator or freezer and ensure you can fit all of the essentials in without issue.

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  • Copper Euro Paper Towel Holder

    Item# 34202
      • Copper paper towel holder adds style to storage
      • Holds regular and jumbo size paper towels
      • Sturdy steel construction in a copper finish
    7.25" x 7.25" x 12.5" H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 12. 95
  • Black Axis Paper Towel Holder

    Item# 34091
      • Black steel paper towel holder stores and dispenses a single roll on the countertop
      • Extended arm keeps roll in place and allows for easy tearing of sheets
    6.75" x 5.75" x 10.25" H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 10. 95
  • Simply Tear Paper Towel Holder

    Item# 29069
      • Weighted base
      • Spring loaded arm
    6.75"Dia. x 13.25"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 24. 95
  • Pantry Works Orbit Paper Towel Holder

    Item# 21440
      • Free-standing
      • Nickel finish
    6.5"Dia. x 13.5"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 10. 95
  • Single-Tear Paper Towel Holder

    Item# 28477
      • Brushed stainless steel
      • Extra sturdy two pound weighted base
      • 0
    7" Dia. x 12.75"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 14. 95
  • Nickel Paper Towel Holder

    Item# 30512
      • Sturdy steel construction
      • Satin nickel finish
      • Accommodates regular and jumbo size rolls
    5.5" L x 5.5" W x 12.5" H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 9. 95
  • Tug Paper Towel Holder

    Item# 22603
      • Durable, weighted base
      • Tug design holds paper towels to make tearing easier
    6.5"Dia. x 14"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 16. 95
  • Teardrop Paper Towel Holder

    Item# 16375
      • Freestanding
      • Nickel finish
      • Top unscrews to change rolls
    6.5"Dia. x 14"H

    Availability: OUT OF STOCK

    $ 18. 95

8 Item(s)

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