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Closet Storage

  • Make the most of your closet space with our wide variety of closet organizers. We have organizing solutions for shoes, sweaters, scarves, ties, belts, handbags and more. Find a closet organizer that matches your style, helps eliminate chaos and adds closet space. More
  • Add function and design to any closet with our selection of decorative storage bins and baskets. These beautiful storage pieces work great for containing purses, bags, heavy scarves, sweaters, gym clothes or hats. A hanging closet organizer or stackable storage drawers are easy ways to add shelves and drawers to a closet for sweaters, gym clothes or T-shirts. These are an especially great solution for small spaces, like dorm rooms and studios. Maximize your closet space with hangers! Add function and space with specialty hangers for multiple pants, multiple shirts, belts, scarves and ties. Contain your shoes with stacking shoe racks, shoe boxes and hanging shoe bags. Create space with underbed storage boxes and solutions. And protect your special clothes with a variety of garment bag storage options and selection of cedar products to protect against closet pests. Back

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  • Richards Espresso Bed Risers
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    Stackable Espresso Bed Risers

    Item# 28898
      • Unfinished, natural solid hardwood
      • Set of four
      • Inside cut out dimensions = 2.75"
      • For large beds with posts under the center of the bed, lifters should be placed beneath these extra posts, as well as under all four corners
      • Safely stack no more than two sets of bed risers
    4.25" x 4.25" x 3.5"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 17. 95
  • Black Bed Risers
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    Black Bed Risers

    Item# 33242
      • Fits caster or bed posts up to 3" in diameter
      • 300lb load capacity per riser
      • Strong, durable construction
    6.5" x 6.5" x 6"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 13. 95
  • Underbed Easy Slide Box Iris SS-UB
    Quick View

    Underbed Easy Slide Box

    Item# 28811
      • At under 7" tall, a great size for underbed storage
      • Low friction disks slide smoothly on any indoor surface
      • Lids designed to accommodate stacking
      • Strong clip lid keeps contents secure
    28.5" x 18.25" x 6.5"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 15. 95
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  • Iris Underbed Clip-Lid Box CB-70
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    Underbed Clip-Lid Box

    Item# 13608
      • Made of heavy duty transparent plastic
      • Lid clips into place on either side of box
      • Designed to stack and nest for convenience and efficiency
      • Smooth surface allows for easy labeling
    33.5" x 18" x 6"H

    Availability: Available in Store Only

    $ 14. 95
  • Underbed Split-Lid Box - Iris CB110
    Quick View

    Underbed Split-Lid Box

    Item# 16651
      • Maximize under bed storage space with our under bed split lid box by Iris
      • Split-lid on either side allows for easy access
      • Transparent plastic for easy visibility
    39" x 20" x 6.5"H

    Availability: Available in Store Only

    $ 19. 95
  • Iris 41 qt. Ultimate Airtight Box UCB-L
    Quick View

    41 qt. Ultimate Airtight Box

    Item# 24294
      • Foam seal on lid and snap-tight buckles create an airtight seal
      • Reinforced lid for secure, sturdy stacking
      • Heavy duty, reinforced plastic body
      • Ideal container for long-term storage of anything from clothing to documents, seasonal décor to photographs
      • Will also stack with our 63 Qt Ultimate Airtight Storage Box
      • Made in USA
    23.5" x 18" x 7.75"H

    Availability: IN STOCK

    $ 15. 95
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6 Item(s)

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